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Friday, August 10, 2012

How to find a profitable niche for your blog?

That is the question that every blogger was asking himself once. Why? because the niche does everything in the first plan. Before you start blogging, it is to important to find the topic or niche that you will be willing to write about for a good period of time. It's important to remark that selecting your niche can take some good amount of time and also isn't that easy at all. In this article i'll speak about finding a profitable niche for your blog.

How to find a profitable niche for your blog?

Well that's a quite hard question to answer as it's not that easy. You know that selecting your right niche from the beginning of your blog is a considerable success for it's future. And that's true, choosing a profitable niche can be done, the only thing is that it takes some time. Why? Firstly because you have to ask yourself some question like:

  1. What topic i think will make me be curious about for some time ahead? 
  2. Will i be able to write different and interesting content from other bloggers that write in the same niche i am going to choose?
  3. Can i afford some of my time to it?
  4. Is the competition high enough? (for that we are going to need working with Google AdWords Tool)
  5. How profitable is the niche(topic) i am thinking to blog about?
In order to find out the competition and the approximate amount of money advertisers pay for that or other keyword is to use the tool i wrote in point 4 of the questions given above. Google AdWords Tool (context targeting tool) is really helpful when it comes to make some research on your niche selecting, as it gives good results that can help make you some decisions on which path to take next. 

For finding how popular your niche is type the keyword related to your interests, to do that follow this steps:

Create the account -> Connect to it -> Go to Tools and Analysis -> Select Traffic Estimator or any other from the list given and simply research. Type your keyword and set everything like in the image below:

Note: This is not the only solution on finding a profitable niche for your blog, as there are plenty others one good example i heard about is Market Samurai, Traffic Travis. Check those out as well!

What about you? How did you find a niche for your blog, was it unexpected or you appealed to the tools listed in this article too?
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