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Monday, August 6, 2012

Introduction to BloggerCall


Hello everyone, my name is Chris and I am the author at Blogger Call. The blog was officially launched today on 6th august 2012, why? You might be asking. Well the answer is quite simple, for me Blogging means everything. I have started a few blogs on different niches, with some I succeeded with others not that much. I think I might even write some articles about My first blogging experience or something like that, to show you how it is to get started (hard or not that much you tell me).

Main Objective:

The main objective here at BloggerCall is to teach and make future bloggers understand what blogging actually means. Ill write articles about different Tips, Tricks related to this topic in which ill try to give you good and useful advices. So don't hesitate to join the community now!

Blogging becomes one of the most popular and researched term around the whole world, even I day by day continue to explore and learn something new and good for myself related to this topic. That why I decided that BloggerCall is going to be a place for all the persons that are willing to learn more, become better at what they do, and simply have fun.

I call everyone from young to old to join me on this blog, and stay tuned with latest articles that are going to be published soon. As this is going to be a quite exciting adventure.

With best regards and respect,
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