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Thursday, August 9, 2012

You created a blog, now what's next?

So here you finally got to the point where you created your desired blog, still what's next? What and mostly How you should act from now on? It pretty hard to get started, but once you do that believe me everything will change a lot in a beneficial way. I know and i felt the same way at some point, i had the passion for opening a blog, everything was good but still something didn't seem right. Guess that happens to all of us, it's like fear combined with uncertainty. In this article, i want to show you some advices on how and especially what to do after you opened your blog. How to control it, and simply work with it. Lets start!

It's not a new discover that EVERY person that creates a blog want to become famous, popular, have lots of visitors, and of course earn money. Yes, that really sound nice and beautiful isn't it? The truth is that in order to do that you have to work hard, blogging takes time ill say that always. Of course you can get to that sort of success, but to do that you have to be Active, by active i mean trying to be part of the community. Try to write good posts as often as possible, try to maintain your own blogging schedule and follow it. Socialize, perform your skills in communicating with others. Don't be afraid, just take the first step and follow it!

Ok, you created a blog what's next? below i will list some main aspects you definitely should pay good attention too:
  • Design;
  • Unique and well written content;
  • Create different contests for your readers;
  • Get involved in other bloggers contests;
  • Dont' be afraid, just give it a try;

Let's start with Design, it's really important for every blog as it attracts a readers attention firstly. Having a nice and at same time simple, user friendly design makes the reader capable of reading your posts without paying attention to the amount of time he or she has spent on it. Try to use calm colors and create a nice ambience. Experiment but still not too much, as it can be disturbing.

Unique and well written content

It's the key to success, try hard on finding the necessary inspiration to write daily.  Still that depends on you, don't forget if you heard something related to your niche BLOG about it immediately. Here applies the rule heard first, published first. Be in touch with all the news that happen on your selected topic and simply write about it!

Invent posts, that in your opinion could attract visitors. Make your blog different from the others, make it unique. Do experiments, and find out the right one for your blog. Consult and use such services like Google Keywords Tool or Google  Analytics.  Also don't even think about telling yourself that if your blog is at the very beginning it's not important to write good quality posts. That doesn't matter start right now and be successful in the future! If you write good and necessary for people posts then they will find YOU! And that's how you build a strong community.

Create different contests for your readers

Creating a community of readers is essential for every blog future, that's why don't forget to interact with them. Reply back, take their opinions into consideration. Creating contests makes more readers to get involved and read you! If you can do that, don't hesitate for a moment to apply this rule. Every business needs some investments, so does blogging take that into consideration.

Get involved in other bloggers contests
That's the point where you try to make as many as possible friends from the blogosphere that share your passion as well. Interact with them on their blogs, tell them about you and create a good lasting partnership.
Help each other, get involved, communicate that's the way to get noticed. Remember that communication solves everything! 

Last but not least - Dont' be afraid, just give it a try

I know it's seems to be pretty hard (it sort of is), but that's not a reason not to try right? Everything at some point gets hard, but after some repetitions and hard work you can get a good result! 
So my call for you is not to be afraid, give it a try and see how it goes! 

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